Pro-Abundant Life

Pro Abundant Life Means Overturning Roe v. Wade in Our Hearts
Legal and political advocacy plays a critical role in saving lives. But hearts must also be changed. Even though Roe v. Wade was overturned, there are still be unplanned pregnancies and sadly, unwanted babies. Are we willing to walk alongside those facing unplanned pregnancies by offering material, financial, emotional, and spiritual support? Remember, life decisions need life support. Also, are we prepared to open our hearts, lives, and homes (through options such asĀ adoption) to the babies and children that need us?


As pro abundant life people, we will minister to women and men facing pregnancy decisions, open our hearts to all of God’s children, and dedicate ourselves to eliminating the desire for abortion, regardless of what the law says.


Roland Warren, Care Net President & CEO


Will you help support life decisions? Please prayerfully consider connecting with Pregnancy Help 4 U to help build strong families, and stronger communities.


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