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Volunteers need a total of 10 hours of in-service training per year. These hours can be completed by attending the volunteer trainings in-person, by zoom, or watching the recorded in-services and completing the associated test. Submissions must be at least at 80% correct to count toward volunteer training hours. Once submitted you will be contacted within 2-3 business days regarding your test and hours. For questions regarding the in-service trainings or how many training hours you have, please contact Krystal at or call 817-753-6222.


PH4U In-Service Training 6-29-2020

Pregnancy Help 4 U volunteer in-service with Legacy Adoption Agency.


    1. How many children are estimated to be living in Foster Care in the United States?

    2. What expectation does Legacy have for a client who tests positive for substance abuse? Discuss and create a realistic plan.

    3.In 2008, there were 4,247,694 births in the United States. What percentage of all these births, according to the CDC, were unwanted births?

    4. What is one way to bring up the idea of adoption? their fears and doubts

    5. What are the three common reactions of dads regarding an unplanned pregnancy?

    PH4U In-Service Training 7-24-2020

    Pregnancy Help 4 U volunteer in-service with guest speaker, Carlos Phillips from Just Say Yes. Topics include sexual risk avoidance through positive relationship building, and tools to serve women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy.

      1. Every child should hear that they are special, precious and

      2. According to the presentation by Carlos Philips, what are 5 things dads do?

      3.When speaking to men we want to encourage them to:

      4. According to the presentation by Carlos Philips, what are 5 things moms do?

      5. How many relationship steps are there?

      PH4U In-Service Training 10-02-2020

      Pregnancy Help 4 U volunteer in-service with guest speaker, Dr. Kathy Koch from Celebrate Kids.

        1. Resiliency starts as a .

        2. What are 3 things people have to believe in order to be open to listening & motivated to believe?

        3.How many different ways are we smart?

        4. What percent of people want God to be faithful, consistent, and forgiving?

        5. The first goal of an appointment is moving a client from unaware to

        PH4U In-Service Training 1-22-2021

        Pregnancy Help 4 U volunteer in-service with Krystal Gonzalez.


          What is the BEST way for us to communicate with you for newsletters, important info…?

          Top 3 take away’s from today:

          What do you feel that you need to improve on?

          How can we help you improve in this area?

          What training topic(s) would you like to see in the future?

          PH4U In-Service Training 3-26-2021

          Guest speakers Peter and Jackie Escue from Truth Renewed will guide PH4U volunteers through signs to recognize domestic abuse.

            1. Please list 3 forms of Abuse

            2. Please List 3 Tactics of Coercive Control

            3.Warning signs during dating:
            Intensity, , manipulation, , sabotage, , guilting,

            4. Remember, don't make her for her.

            PH4U In-Service Training 8-6-2021

            Guest speaker Laura from Christian Homes and Family Services will share insights on their adoption services and how PH4U volunteers can present adoption as an option to young women with unplanned pregnancies.

              1. When do birth parents sign relinquishment?

              2. List the 3 types of adoption

              3.How much does the birth mom pay?

              PH4U In-Service Training 10-29-21

              Kati Huston, PH4U Outreach Coordinator, guides volunteers towards having meaningful conversations with ABM clients.


                1. Why is it important to ask this question (from our Client Intake Form) to an ABM client "Given your circumstances, what are you considering for this pregnancy?

                2. What can you do in preparation before the appointment?
                A: Fill in as much information as you can
                B: read notes/previous case information
                C: Both A & B

                3.Be sure to ask client for ______________ to bring guests back for sono.

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