Our Staff

Tonya Thomas

Executive Director

A passion for charity work is at the heart of Tonya’s personal and professional motto: “Do good. Pass it on.” Her most significant achievements involve helping others discover connections and purpose in everyday life. Tonya serves on the leadership team at her church, Good News International Christian Center, and helps spread the gospel through media ministry. She is living out the Great Commission daily, speaking truth and love into the hearts of the staff, volunteers, and women who come to the pregnancy center for help.

Office Staff

Mackenzie Bateman

Office Coordinator

Krystal Gonzalez

Client Services Director

Leesa Potts

Development Coordinator

Miladis Garcia

Care Navigator

Leslie Speck

Administrator Assistant

Donna Skomer

Administrative Assistant

Fredella Malone

Office Coordinator

Gerardo Gonzalez

Male Client Advocate

Medical Staff

Jill Coan

Nurse Manager

Linda Donnelly

Registered Nurse

Jamie Ridgell

Registered Nurse

Mallory Payne

Diagnostic Sonographer

Lyannette Ojeda


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