Amber and Naomi’s Story

Amber and Jeremiah first came to Pregnancy Help 4 U in 2017. They had been married for several months and were expecting their second child. While the pregnancy was unplanned they were quite joyful and decided to name their daughter Naomi. They were able to receive assistance with diapers, wipes and other baby supplies. About a year and half after their initial visit they came in for their third child, baby Jonathan. The were in the process of moving into a new home and Jeremiah had just gotten a new job. Through this pregnancy we were able to grow our relationship with them as we met with them to confirm their pregnancy and provide sonograms and first pictures of their son. There wonderful family continued to grow from there.

In 2019 they were expecting a fourth child but halfway through their latest pregnancy, they were faced with job loss and unexpected financial difficulty. We, with the help of our donors, were able to provide Amber and Jeremiah’s family with a true holiday experience: providing wrapped and bundled gifts, toys, and clothing! We continued to walk with them through their pregnancy and celebrated the birth of their little bundle of joy in May of 2020.

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