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Your purchase at Divine Décor & More goes further than adding a cute new piece to your wardrobe or spicing up your décor. While we work hard to ensure you get great deals on amazing resale items, we strive to provide so much more than a great shopping experience. We are a 501c3 organization whose proceeds go toward supporting other non-profits. After intentional research, we selected 4 organizations to receive proceeds from our sales. One of the organizations is a local medical center in Keller: Pregnancy Help 4 U. This center provides free and confidential pregnancy testing, options counseling, ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, and many other services to the community.

Pregnancy Help 4 U was established by Kayla Schroeder with the mission to help support those struggling with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. She envisioned a safe place where women could go to receive help beyond the initial confirmation of pregnancy. It is her goal to offer men and women non-judgmental options counseling and ongoing support as they walk through their pregnancy journey. Seven years later, the center continues to grow and expand its outreach. The medical center now offers STI testing and treatment, material support for clients, and help to local schools.

Thousands of clients are helped through Pregnancy Help 4 U each year. They come in with different stories and situations and are met with open arms. For instance, when Jennifer came to Pregnancy Help 4 U, she was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.  She had no support and believed abortion was her only option. Our staff met with her and listened to her story. They gave her information about parenting, adoption, and abortion. Not only was she presented with her options, but she was offered support in the form of material needs, supportive counseling, and other community resources.

As part of the process, the medical center performs sonograms to confirm the viability of a pregnancy. Pregnancy Help 4 U offers these services to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and confirm a heartbeat, as it is estimated that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. As Jennifer met with the nurse and saw her baby’s sonogram, she was touched by the 11-week-old life inside of her. After hearing the heartbeat, the fear and anxiety that she was feeling faded away. She was able to look at her options with an open mind, no longer driven by fear or pressure.

The staff followed up with her over the next several weeks and continued to offer support and encouragement. After a few weeks, she decided abortion was no longer her best option, and began to make preparations to parent her baby. Due to the lack of support she had, Pregnancy Help 4 U was able to offer her resources and help her feel equipped and confident for parenting—offering her both material assistance and parenting classes along the way.

Parenting classes at Pregnancy Help 4 U cover a wide range of topics including budgeting, infant CPR, baby milestones, and much more. They also have a class led by a certified nurse that teaches parents the most important aspects of what to do when bringing home their child. Each attendant has the opportunity to win door prizes of baby supplies and gain the invaluable support of a community of other parents-to-be. It was in these classes that Jennifer’s confidence as a parent was increased even more. Through the help of the center, she was able to experience love and encouragement for her journey. She is one of many who come to Pregnancy Help 4 U in crisis and leave with hope for the future.

In 2017 Pregnancy Help 4 U saw over 5,400 clients in their medical center and performed over 1,000 sonograms. The largest age group that sought our services were high school and college aged men and women from 15 – 24 whom need free and confidential pregnancy tests and STI testing and treatment. The need to educate this demographic on pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is huge. Unlike other for-profit organizations, the primary concern Pregnancy Help 4 U is to ensure that every person has the information and resources to make the best choice for their sexual health & pregnancy journey. They seek to encourage, empower, and equip the community.

Every time you walk into Divine Décor & More, whether to donate an item or to make a purchase, you are contributing to the efforts of Pregnancy Help 4 U and the many stories like Jennifer’s. You are helping both men and women that walk into the medical center looking for assistance. Further, as more parents are equipped for success, opportunities become available for their children’s future as well.  We invite you to be a part of this amazing organization by donating and purchasing from Divine Décor & More. Your generosity allows us to continue to partner alongside Pregnancy Help 4 U and other non-profits in their mission to help the community around them.

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