End The Year on a High Note

It is better to give than to receive. This old adage has been said time and time again. Its a powerful statement about selflessness giving doing more for the giver than the one who receives.

The old adage is actually truthful reminder to us that we are made to encourage and uplift one another. When we do there are tangible benefits to a persons health and emotional state associated with giving. It can lead to a better mood, better health, and a better community.

Better Mood: According to studies done at the University of California and National Institutes of Health, when people performed 5 acts of kindness for others over a period of 6 weeks, it activated regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust. Some believe the effect causes the release of endorphins producing a phenomenon called the “helpers high”.

Better Health: In a 5 year study done at Berkeley, elderly people who volunteered for 2 or more organizations were 44% less likely to die than non-volunteers. This was despite their age and negative habits like poor exercise habits and smoking. The same result was found during a study at the University of Michigan in which a researcher studied individuals who regularly provided practical help to friends, relatives, neighbors, and others. Some studies suggest that giving reduces stress and thus stress related illnesses resulting longevity. Remarkably, the death for those who were receiving assistance was not decreased; it was only the givers that benefited.

Better Community: Researchers across scientific platforms have found that environment has a great effect on one’s physical and mental health. What is interesting, is that by giving you can affect your internal well-being and your external environment. Researcher John Cacioppo found that a communities altruism can lead to a greater strides toward health, wealth, and happiness within the community. A book entitled. The How of Happiness, describes how a person’s generosity changes his or her own perceptions of their community and leave them with a more positive view of those around them.

How do we get the “better” without the stress and mess during the holiday season? According to research. the greatest benefits from giving were the result of repeated, self-initiated acts of kindness. Ongoing volunteering, reoccurring financial gifts, and frequent acts of service in the community had lasting results when not done out of obligation. The beauty and the joy of giving comes from an altruistic attitude. Similar to making a deposit into a savings account, when you give your time or money to a positive cause you gain interest. Your mental and physical health can improve and you can experience a great sense of community and connection. We want to help you start down a path to “better”. There are lots of ways you can help yourself by helping Pregnancy Help 4 U. Whether you have time or money you want to contribute, embrace the helpers high and give.

Volunteering: Pregnancy Help 4 U is always looking for support from the community to be able to reach more people with our services. We have the perfect position to highlight your talent and skill. Some areas of help that are available are:

~ Bundling Diapers
~ Decorating Picture Frames For Sonogram Photos
~ Planting Flowers
~ Cleaning
~ Organizing
~ Baby Gift Bags
~ Labeling And Applying Postage To Group Mailings
~ Making Copies
~ Making Client Files
~ Computer/ IT Assistance
~ Handy Work
~ Counseling

Donating: For those looking to support our positive mission to encourage, equip and empower the community, we ask that you donate to Pregnancy Help 4 U. We are in need of one-time and recurring monthly donors to partner with us. All of our services are free the public, but the supplies and staff to offer these services are expense that are covered by generous donors who know the value of our clinic. Below is breakdown of some of our costs per client seen:

~Pregnancy Test – $30
~Sonogram – $125
~STI Detection, STI Treatment, and Abstinence Education by a registered nurse: $50

Help those who help us: Divine Décor & More is an upscale resale shop in Argyle, TX that gives a portion of its proceeds to Pregnancy Help 4 U. It has made a large impact in our reach and continues to stand beside us. You can help further our mission by donating new or barely used items such as:

~Home Décor
~Clothing & Accessories

For details on more ways to give this year, call 817-753-6222. We would love to hear from you!

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